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Which Pasta For Which Sauce?

Lets get Pasta Smart

Do you find that you always stick to using the same pasta for all your dishes? I used to tend to stick to spaghetti and penne. And truthfully only since moving to Europe and using Marley Spoon (which I can't recommend enough!) have I branched out.


So lets take a look at 6 different types of pasta and what sauce we think goes good with it:

1. Spaghetti - Smooth Operator


  • My mom always made spaghetti bolognese, so I didn't know that you could pair this pasta with anything else.
  • Turns out it goes well with white sauces, sauces that have either an olive oil or cream base (smooth in texture)
  • Just Add Sauce: Carbonara sauce with Bacon

2. Fusilli - Groovy Vibes

Fusilli Pasta 

  • The first time I bought this was when I earned enough money to buy food at Woolworths (High end supermarket in South Africa)
  • This pasta is great because of it grooves. It helps the sauce to get stuck between them, meaning each bite is even juicier.
  • Just Add Sauce: Sauces with a ricotta base 

3. Gnocchi - Call me by my Name


    • What I love about Gnocchi are two things; one that my husband has no idea how to pronounce it (and I'm never going to correct him) and two the fact that it is made of my other favourite carb - Potato!
    • Just Add Sauce: Sauces with a smooth texture are also great with Gnocchi such as tomato and mozzarella sauce or gorgonzola sauce. 

    4. Conchiglioni - Sally Sells Sea Shells


    • These shells are asking to be filled with sauce!
    • Just Add Sauce: Cheese and herb mixture, after cooking add tomato sauce and bake in the oven!

    5. Tagliatelle You The Truth


    • Let me blow your mind but in Italy they serve Tagliatelle with - wait for it - Bolognese sauce!
    • They however call it Ragu
    • Just Add Sauce: Ragu. Sorry Italians that we got it wrong!

    6. Mezzi Rigatoni


    • The first time I had this pasta was on a date with my husband (when we we were still dating.) So it has good memories for me.
    • Just Add Sauce: This pasta deserves a hearty sauce one with meat or meatballs. Or think blue cheese.


    I hope you find it easier next time you head out to the supermarkets and find yourself feeling adventures in the pasta section.



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