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How Many Portions You Need to Eat Daily

When someone says to me a portion of this and two portions of that. I am never quite sure how much a portion is. What the heck is a portion? So this post is for those of you - who like me - is not great a math either.

Using your hand as a guide I'll explain how much of what you should eat a day.

1. Two Fists of Veggies

Two fists of vegetable

The portion of veggies you consume should be as big as your two fists.

Think: Peas, Cucumber, Spinach

2. A Hand of Fruit

One hand portion of fruits

As much as you can fit into your flat hand (imagine a small ball) of fruit

Think: Apples, Tomato, Carrots, Oranges

3. One Hand Cupped of Carbs

one cup of carbs

Cup your hand. Do not eat more carbs than what can fit into that cup a day.

Think: Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, Asparagus, Banana

4. A flat hand (width + size) of Protein

one hand of protein

Look at your flat hand. You should consume protein that is the same in size and width a day.

Think: Meat, vegetarian protein replacements, fish, eggs

5. A Thumb of Health Fats

a thumb of healthy fats

Do not consume more than a thumb of health fats a day.

Think: Avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, fatty fish, nuts

6. Top part of your Thumb Oil & Butter

oil and butter 


And those are the six hand signs you need to remember. 

Happy healthy eating this week!


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