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5 Purple and Blue Brain Food

Your brain is the computer of your body - so pretty important to keep it updated.

Purple and Blue vegetables and fruit are filled with anthocyanin. Which is considered to be one of the most important antioxidants and a fighter against free radicals. Free radicals play a role in not only memory loss but also heart disease, cancer and other diseases. So quite the bad molecules.

Quick hand me that aubergine - I've got ta bone to pick with a bad molecule.

Let's look at 5 ultimate brain food veggies and fruit that help to keep the firewall up against memory loss.

1. You say Aubergine we say Eggplant

These bad boys are filled with plenty of nutrients; vitamins, minerals and fiber with few calories. On top of that studies suggest it may also reduce the risk of Heart Disease.

Lunch Tip: Slice Aubergine in half, Rub each half with a Spice Mix and bake in oven. Serve with a couscous salad & greek yoghurt sauce.

2. Sweet Potato

Studies suggest that no only can Sweet Potato enhance brain function it also may support your immune system. The fiber and antioxidants in sweet potatoes also help to support a happy gut.

Lunch Tip: Poke holes into sweet potato, oil the outside, cover with foil and bake in oven. Serve with sour cream, finely chopped red onions, salt and pepper with just a little bit of butter. 

3. Blue Berries

Considered the ultimate brain food - these berries are not only good for your brain but also for your heart and arteries.

Lunch Tip: Grab some frozen blueberries, a banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, and apple juice. Blend until smooth and voila your lunch smoothie!

4. Red Grapes

I'm from South Africa where we have lots of grapes and wine. So this was the staple in our household growing up. Red grapes also help to fight against cardiovascular disease and eye problems.

Lunch Tip: Plot Twist! Combine Sweet Potatoes with Red Grapes. After baking your sweet potato cut it open and add on top of it - goat cheese, red grapes and seasoning!

5. Beetroot

The beetroot has been associated with improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and increase in exercise performance.

Lunch Tip: Roast in the oven beetroot & chickpeas with a dash of oil. Serve on top of a lemon zest and juice and yogurt mix. Top off with some mint or/and chilli.

 We hope you found these tips useful.



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