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6 Ultimate Ab Exercises

A personal trainer showed me these ab crunches about 11 years ago, but they are so easy to remember that it has stuck with me.

And the fact that you can do this ab workout at home - BONUS!

Let's get into it!

You will start off with a Set - which consists of 6 exercises. All you need is a mat and a medicine ball. 

20 Ab Crunches - Workout to do at home
  • Raise your legs and do 20 more ab crunches
Women doing raised leg ab crunches at home
  • Raise legs in air and touch your toes 10 each side
Women on the beach touching her toes as part of core workout
  • Bicycle crunches 10 each side
Bicycle crunches that a women is doing at home
  • Side to Side heel touch crunch 10 each side
Women touching side of heels as part of ab workout
  • Finish the set off with 15 ab crunches on balance ball
Women on medicine ball doing ab workout at home

    Do 3 sets of these. And if you can only do 2, then that is ok too. You know your limits listen to your body!

    Tag us if you take a photo - would love to encourage you with a like and a follow! Let's continue to motivate each other! #BlushingAbs

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