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How To Choose the Right Yoga Mat

New to Yoga? First time I started doing yoga - I was a bit surprised at the different types of yoga mats one could buy. The more I browsed the more I found, different length, different materials, different materials. Where to begin?

If you have bad knees:

If you have joints that get easier sore, or back issues a thicker mat might be the one you need. Typically a standard yoga mat is 3mm thick but you can even get yoga mats as thick at 9mm. I would recommend that you get a thicker mat between 4mm to 6mm if you have really bad joints. 


- Good for people who suffer of bad joints

- If you have bad knees, the padding will help

- Great for seating poses

- Great for yin yoga


- Not so great for stability poses

Type of Yoga:

Hot Yoga & Hatha Yoga: Buy specifically designed hot yoga mats that has good grip. Typically rubber or cork mat (a towel with it is also a good idea!)

Yin Yoga: Opt for a thicker yoga mat around 5mm

Vinyasa: Opt for a good thicker denser mat that has good grip, a great choice is 5mm

Ashtanga: Ashtanga practitioners are likely to wear through their mats faster, therefore opt for a durable mat. So look at the density of the weight this will indicate how durable the mat will be.

Acro Yoga: Look for the comfiest and thickest yoga mat you can find!

Pre-natal: Find a mat that gives equal stability and support

Types of Yoga Mats:

PVC Mat: Most commonly used for making yoga mats but has a bad rep in the yoga community and is thought to possibly contain a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. It is also hard to recycle. It is cheaper and has a long life though.

Rubber Mat: Less expensive than PVC Mats, good if you are just starting out and has a good reputation amongst yogis.

Padded Mats: Super soft and comfy but not great for stability. Barely any grip. It has foam on the inside and is covered by material, meaning you can only half clean it.

Cork Mats: Environmentally friendly, cleaner but a bit more expensive. Has good grip usually made with non slip on one side


Hope this has helped you to figure out what yoga mat suits you? Let us know in the comments what yoga mat is your favorite!

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