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5 Steps to Running - For Beginners

People either hate or love running. Perhaps I'm bias but I think that the people who hate it just did not start off on the right foot - no pun intended. 

So to avoid newbie runners from giving in too early - I'm sharing my Top Five Tips to start Running!

1. Set a Goal

Sign up for a 5km race three months from now. Go on - do it! Better yet rope in one of your friends or colleagues at work.

2. Interval Training

Women Running in Leggings

"I'm sorry inter-what?" - I hear you saying. Don't run off yet, this is the good news. For the first month of training - I recommend that if you are brand new to running that you should do intervals. Meaning run for 3 minutes & then walk for 2 minutes. Do five sets of these. Do this at least 3 times a week.

If you are more fit extend the time the run time from 3min to 4min and so forth etc.

3. Join a running group

Girls stretching Running Gear

Join your local running group. Don't feel too embarrassed! Nothing will motivate you like being surrounded by people who share a common goal like you, trust me. Or find a friend. Better yet, start your own beginners running group at work - you'll be surprised at how many people will actually want to join. There are cool apps like meetup that show you running groups near your location.

4. New Gear

Running Sports Bra

You know what is also awesome about running? You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on gear. Got your sneakers? Check. When you have cool looking gear - it gets you motivated!

What's crucial is a proper comfortable sports bra that offers maximum support - check out our twin sister sports bra here. 

5. Most Importantly - Have Fun!

Women running smiling - blushing billie

Look we have a lot of stuff going on in our lives. Starting to run should not be like 'work'. Don't stress too much about time. When I started running I was worried I would be last. Trust me - they cheer the loudest for the last and first person. Running is not about where you place - it is more than that. Each step you take is a step you are taking for YOU!


Hope to see you running on the road soon! Don't be shy to tag Blushing Billie in any of your running photos or new gear - we love watching your journey!


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