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Stuck at Home? Here's How To Stay Positive!

Many of us are stuck at home during this time of Corona. Being so isolated may bring about a sense of loneliness. Here's how to combat that feeling!

1. Start your Day off with Intention

To Do List

Just like at the start of the Yoga class. Start your day off citing your intentions. This is an incredible powerful exercise. It helps to focus the mind. This will help you to maximise your time at home and set your plans into motion for the day. 

2. Tap Into Your Creative Side

Woman painting

Finally you have time to learn that song on the guitar you bought five years ago. Take out the paint from the cupboard and start painting. What a beautiful flower - you've got this! Creativity is something that makes the mind happier, so make some time for this each day.

3. Phone Your Mother

Woman calling home

Out in the real world we are so preoccupied and busy. Set aside time to show appreciation. Reach out to friends, make that call to your mother. Stay in contact with the ones you love - albeit it being digital. Just like in Sims - you need to make those phone calls to bring your happiness meter up!

4. Focus on Your Health

One of the issues with staying at home and being isolated is that it can cause you to ignore your health and well being. And I mean both of your well beings - the mind and body. So it is important to not fall into the junk food trap now. Keep both your mind (See point 2: creativity is a good way to keep challenging your mind!) and body active.

There are loads of indoor exercises you can do - see our quick ab exercises here. If you continue to eat healthily and exercising - it will help to release those hormones that make us feel so good about ourselves. This will make you more positive and give you more energy which you need to stay focused.

This is also obvious but get a good nights sleep - don't binge watch Netflix every night. Lack of sleep has such a big impact on your state of mind. So watch out for this.

5. At the end of the Day - Reflect


Our 10 year old selves were onto something with journaling. Lets get back into it. At the end of the day I recommend that you reflect back on your day and write down what you are grateful for. Don't put pressure on yourself to write down an entire list. But just jot something down. The benefits of a gratitude journal is that it reduces stress and brings a sense of calm and clarity.

I hope these five tips will keep you sane and positive.

Stay safe and centred during this time. If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments section.





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